What is the size of the vane saver?
  • 1 7/8” wide
  • ½” from the top of the vane
  • 1/8” opening on clip to slide on vane

Hole in vane saver is ¾” from the top of the vane saver to slide into carrier track

I have “S” curved blinds. Will Vane savers work?

Yes – unless specified we sell curved vane savers.

Will they work on Fabric Vanes?

yes – but we recommend opening the vane savers with a flat head screwdriver to loosen the grip it will have when sliding over the fabric. Then simply squeeze the vane saver in place with a pair of pliers.

Are Vanesavers OK for a 3 1/2 inch wide blind?

Vanesavers are about 2 inches long and fit on vertical blinds that are 3 1/2 inches wide. They fit any size blind
2 inches or wider.

How do I know the correct size and shoe?

Makes no difference. One size fits all.